Season’s Greetings from Safintra

12 Dec

Safintra Christmas Card



10 Dec




The final committee meeting of the KZN Institute of Architecture, held on 6 December, was full of surprises.
A goody bag provided by Safintra Roofing was top of the pops.
Have a good break guys, enjoy the break until 2013 starts with a bang !

The ARCHI doodle…

10 Dec

Forget the google doodle….herewith the ARCHI DOODLE!

After the last KZNIA Regional Committee Meeting where members were invited to the final 2012 KZNIA Regional Committee meeting (sponsored by Safintra Roofing) – I found these “modified” left-over invites the “artist” wishes to remain anonymous… VIEW MORE


10 Dec

KZNIA Meeting

The KZNIA Regional committee met for the penultimate meeting of 2012 on Friday 2 November 2012 to discuss pressing matters affecting the KZN Architectural Community and also strategize the way forward for the coming year and the road to Durban UIA 2014.

This dedicated group of volunteers, under the leadership of Kevin Bingham (KZNIA President) also took some time out for a publicity picture for the upcoming Final Regional Committee meeting which will take place on 6 December 2012 – more about that on our blog – link HERE

Yard Dog by Don Kennell

30 Oct

Meet Don Kennell sculptor and artist from Santa Fe, New Mexico, the creative force behind “Yard Dog” a giant dog sculpture made out of corrugated sheet metal and powder coated steel frames. The functional work of art graces parks and recreational areas in America and comes complete with a porch swing, hanging from the dog’s belly to provide a shady spot to sit in. The sculpture stands 12 feet tall, 25 feet long and 8 feet wide. It’s made from welded and powder coated steel frames on which the sculptor bolted corrugated steel sheets. To prevent injury, steel edges have been folded under steel flanges and a UV resistant lacquer protects the piece from the harsh elements.


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Sheet Metal Lighthouses

29 Oct

I ancient times and before the development of clearly defined ports, seafarers was guided by fires on hilltops. It later became practice to raise the visibility of the fire, by placing in on a platform and thus the idea of the modern day lighthouse was born. In ancient times however these beacons functioned more as entrance markers to ports than warning signals for reefs and promontories like today.

As building methods and materials evolved, so did the construction of lighthouses and I was curious to see if I could find any examples of sheet metal lighthouses. To my delight I found a beautiful collection of examples from all over the world. Enjoy!

Pictures from various sources.

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Corrugated Philately

26 Oct

Architecture has widely been celebrated  in special edition postage stamps all over the world. The USA and Australia however paid special homage to corrugated iron, which forms a large part of both countries’ architectural heritage.

The same can be said of South Africa’s rich architectural legacy of Victorian buildings…..hint hint SA Post Office 🙂

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