King George V Hospital School – CSR Project

14 Nov

The King George V Hospital School based in Durban South Africa recently underwent a dramatic transformation.

The school is located on the grounds of the King George V Hospital Complex and caters for children that come for inpatient TB Treatment which can be as long as 3-6 months. The majority of children are from rural areas and often do not see family members for weeks at a time. The hospital becomes their home and the school the centre of their daily activities. The school aims to provide not only an education to the children that are patients at the TB Hospital but also a sense of normality and purpose. Special care and attention from the educators is required as the children’s physical needs are especially compromised by the ravages of TB infection.

King George V Hospital School found itself in a shocking state of disrepair and a total refurbishment of the building was required. The building is the property of the Department of Health, but sadly there were no funds available for the revamp. Corporates such as Ocean Architects, Stefanutti Stocks Civils KZN, Avellini Brothers, Safintra Roofing, Safal Steel & many more came to the party and treated the project as a Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative. The results are astounding and a far cry from the desperate dilapidated facility of a few months ago.

Ocean Architects:

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