COP 17 – Safintra attends the Official Opening of RePurpose

30 Nov

Safintra was honoured to attend the official opening of RePurpose Exhibit hosted by the Priority Zone. This stunning exhibit featured 4 exhibitions by Sao Paulo, Priority Zone, City Architects and UIA. Exhibitions all dealt with varying levels of repurposing urban spaces and buildings and through that making a tangible difference to the people engaging and re-engaging within that space, and changing perceptions of that space.

The Priority Zone Rooftop Garden was an absolute feast! The garden incorporates indigenous succulents, landscaped gardens, food landscaping, and vegetable and herb tunnels.  The garden was built from recycled products including old tyres, drums and pallets.  A meeting area, relaxation area and chessboard are also incorporated.  Jobs have been created through the maintenance and sale of the produce grown, while a large portion is also donated to charities in the area.  The garden has seen the return of birds, butterflies, and bees.

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One Response to “COP 17 – Safintra attends the Official Opening of RePurpose”

  1. Sally December 2, 2011 at 5:53 am #

    This is too stunning – more of this please, South Africa, and World. Simple, clever, effective, practical, earth friendly. You can’t ask for much more. Well done Des.

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