GAD by MMW Architects

21 Feb

How cool is a portable art gallery that can literally be erected anywhere? GAD is the brainchild of Norwegian architects MMW. The structure comprises of 10 shipping containers. Five of them make up the ground floor. Three surrounds the central first floor and the final two closes the building and gives access to the top floor balcony. The spaces are connected with industrial ladders and staircases. Inside the spaces are painted white, providing a seamless backdrop to the art on display. We do believe this is quite brilliant!

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Pictures by Eirik Forde

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One Response to “GAD by MMW Architects”

  1. moodyeve February 21, 2012 at 9:31 pm #

    This s so awesome. Totally makes our steel barn studio home we are planning seem like more and more of a good idea. So cool that it can just pack up and move. Might have to talk to my engineer about that in our design or the HTFotography studios.

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