Behind the scenes shooting the woman behind King’s Grant Country Retreat

27 Feb

Cheryl Biggs is a busy woman….she is the force behind the loving restoration and conservation of the spectacular King’s Grant Country Retreat in Ixopo – the subject of our fortcoming advert in the series “Great South African Architecture”. Cheryl went from playing hostess and tour-guide to the Safintra Campaign Team two weekends ago, to hopping onto a plane to Cape Town the next Monday. On her return from Cape Town, she raced straight into the Safintra Roofing Durban branch to have the portriature part of the campaign done. I was on hand to take some behind the scenes footage of Eve Morris from HT Fotography doing her stuff and getting the set ready for Cheryl.

Also see: Kings’ Grant Country Retreat

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One Response to “Behind the scenes shooting the woman behind King’s Grant Country Retreat”

  1. Garrick Dunstan February 29, 2012 at 9:28 am #

    Well done on Kings Grant. Please check that it is registered on our web site Listings are free and we focus on marketing to the conference and event industry in South Africa.

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