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Earth Hour….observe

30 Mar


Casa Mecano by ROBLESARQ

29 Mar

Now this is what you call a clever house! Bioclimatic design in conjunction with automation control natural ventilation in the residence. This is achieved via a pulley system that alters the inclination and position of the eaves manually. Stunning setting to boot and must say, think the helicopter ceiling fan is the lounge is quite yum!

 Location: Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica

Pictures: The Contemporist

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23000 pageviews – thank you!

29 Mar

Update from Absa Cape Epic from the New Jerusalem Children’s Home Charity Team

28 Mar

Sean Wall and partner Mark Macdonald aka The New Jerusalem Children’s Home Charity Team in the Absa Cape Epic Mountain bike race are still at it! They have kindly sent us some images of the action and it looks like hard work 🙂 Wishing them well for the rest of the race. Individuals wishing to donate money to their worthy cause can contact Mia Anfield –

New Jerusalem Children’s Home is the subject of Safintra Roofing’s latest advert in the series “Great South African Architecture”. The company also donated the roof sheeting for the container home residence.

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We are digging today’s Google Doodle…..

27 Mar

Celebrating the birthday of one of the pioneering Masters of  Modern Architecture – Ludwig Mies van der Rohe ( March 27, 1886 – August 17, 1969)

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We are watching Rider 454-1….for New Jerusalem Children’s Home

26 Mar

All eyes are on Sean Wall from 4 D+A Architects who is currently riding in the ABSA Cape Epic Mountain bike race in aid of New Jerusalem Children’s Home, the subject of our forthcoming advert in the “Great South African Architecture” Campaign. Safintra Roofing also donated roofing to this worthy cause. Partner Mia Anfield is keeping the office going and is also kindly updating us on Sean’s progress.

The Absa Cape Epic takes place every year around the last week of March and the first week of April. The race is held over 8 days and includes a time-trial prologue. The route changes every year, and leads aspiring amateur and professional mountain bikers from around the world through approximately 800 kilometres of the unspoilt nature of the Western Cape and up approximately 16 000m of climbing over some of the most magnificent passes in South Africa. 

Wishing Sean well on his gruelling journey!

Should you wish to support Sean’s efforts by way of donations or pledges – please click HERE and HERE

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S’Khumba Crafts, Lower South Coast, South Africa……

26 Mar

Sometimes a random road trip can reveal inspiration from the most unexpected places. I visited this magical place a few years ago, before embarking on my career in the roofing industry. I absolutely fell in love with the setting, the products and the charm of the hosts, Brian and Karen Bernstein. Having returned there this past Saturday after a terrific downpour, which had the river raging, I looked at the set-up again, this time with my “roofing eyes” on 🙂 I had to marvel at the ingenuity of Brian in the construction of the spectacular canopy over the tea garden and the clever use of translucent sheeting that provides cover without taking away from nature… Also love the leather detailing on the benches and the unconventional “shoe planters”.

The company specialises in top quality hand-crafted leatherware, including shoes, sandles, belts and bags. The delightful coffee shop serves Lamingtons that are to die for! Well worth a visit when you are in the area.

S’Khumba can be reached on  or 039 316 8212

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