How does the cat get out of the bag……..?

1 Mar

The answer is Facebook! Our secret has been revealed, by mutual agreement (we shall stick to that story) by the master himself – Dennis Guichard. We spent a glorious sunny Tuesday in Midrand shooting New Jerusalem Children’s Home (NJCH). The project came to us as a gift really. Pieter-Ernst Mare, friend, architect (Lupini Architects), fellow blogger and founder of alive architecture, dropped me an email in December last year, telling me about “this interesting little project in Midrand” and I quote”here is something lekker to blog about” 😀 Well when I saw the render, I fell in love and immediately contacted the architects to offer my congratulations. Tongue in cheek I added, that they mustn’t be shy to ask for help in terms of sheeting. A few minutes later Sean Wall, from 4 D and A Architects contacted me and promptly took me up on my offer. They needed some sheeting to complete certain sections of the project. In a wonderful team effort on the part of Safintra the project was coordinated between Safintra Durban and Safintra Gauteng and NJCH got their sponsored roof mid-January 2012. Just in time to plant their roof-garden and have everything looking spick and span for the official opening last Friday. Safintra Roofing has been priviledged to have been part of this very worthy cause and to have the Management of NJCH agree for the project to be used in our national marketing campaign. Big thanks all round to everybody who made this happen!

4D and A Architects

New Jerusalem Children’s Home

alive architecture

Dennis Guichard

And without further ado…….

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