Skuurhuis by NUP Design

11 Apr

I love blogging fine examples of the use of sheet metal in a residential application. Sadly most of my material is sourced from abroad, where this application has already been in use for decades. It is however slowly catching on in South Africa and I could not contain my excitement when my best “blog scout”, Pieter-Ernst Mare, founder of alive architecture, sent me another gem in the mail 🙂

I introduce NUP Design comprising of the talented team of Werner Nothnagel and Piet du Preez. This dynamic duo is the creative force behind Skuurhuis (Barn House).Werner explains:

Skuurhuis is a modern interpretation of the typical farmstyle barn. It is a rural ‘landmark’ in an urban context. The principle design inspiration was to create vernacular architecture composed of basic forms and purposeful features. The dark coloured corrugated roof is extended over the roof edge to form the first floor wall cladding. The ground floor walls are constructed of red clay face bricks. The interplay between the two strong basic components creates the illusion of a barn resting on a brick plinth. The utilization of face brick and corrugated sheeting as external materials is not only aesthetically pleasing, it is also functional and it is very low maintenance. 

The predominant design principle is to illustrate the honest construction and flow of the house. The entrance is clearly defined and sets the tone for the rest of the journey. The best example of the honest construction is the ground floor barrel vault roof in the lounge and the exposed roof trusses in the main bedroom. The red clay face bricks used to construct the barrel vault roof is exposed on the inside and outside and it creates a natural awareness of the ‘old’ construction technology used to create the impressive space.

The program of the house is flexible and to an extent open to interpretation. Spaces are clearly defined with thresholds but flow harmoniously from one to another. The large open plan living area extends into the garden with the use of large operable glass wall panels. This creates an important relationship between the internal spaces and the external elements. Natural materials, such as steel columns, clay bricks, steel roof sheeting and natural stone further enhance the communication language between the internal and external spaces.

Wow, for more click HERE (we do like their website too)

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