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Tyre chairs…we like!

28 Jun

What do I love about social media? Everything! It’s instant and you literally have eyes and ears everywhere as illustrated yesterday when a friend had new tyres installed at the Tyre Hub in Valhalla Pretoria and spotted these super cool tyre chairs! I saw something similar at COP 17 last year, but these are certainly equally cool, GREEN and innovative. NICE 🙂

Pics courtesy of Cath Juby

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tick tock…tick tock…2014 Architecture Otherwhere Durban

28 Jun
In August 2014 sub-Saharan Africa’s largest architectural gathering ever takes place in Durban. This conference, a meeting of the International Union of Architects, takes place every three years. The event was officially handed over to Durban at the last conference in Tokyo in September 2011, and UIA Durban 2014 is now swinging into action as can be seen on their UBER cool website!
Check out HERE

NJCH on the cover of Earthworks Magazine

27 Jun

So thrilled that this beautiful space and worthy cause, New Jerusalem Children’s Home by 4 D and A Architects, is getting so much exposure! Stunning spread inside the latest Earthworks Magazine too. Get a copy today!

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Antonio Gaudi Birthday

26 Jun

Happy birthday to the Spanish master who died on 7 June 1926, but left a legacy of note in and around Barcelona! Architecture pics by Amy Davies.

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Tirau – the “Corrugated Capital” of New Zealand

25 Jun

This blogpost began with a simple picture of a sheepdog building, made out of corrugated iron – no location or other details. When I started digging, I did however uncover what I thought (being in this game) a little bit of gem (a tongue in cheek)!

Meet Tirau, a tiny little town set in South Waikato New Zealand. Tirau is a Maori word, meaning “Many Cabbage Trees” and the little town is also home to many “corrugated iron creations”. After finding the picture of the sheepdog building (home to the town’s tourist information centre), I found that the town also housed a sheep building (home to a craft and wool market). And scattered throughout are various other corrugated creations and signs created by Steven Clothier. So much so that the town has appointed itself as the “Corrugated Capital of New Zealand”. Very innovative indeed!

More HERE and HERE

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We like :-)

22 Jun

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Shield House by Studio HT

20 Jun

When faced with building a home on a narrow site, what do you do? You make it FIT, which is exactly what Studio HT Architecture has done in Denver Colarado. As much as I love the metal cladding on the side, I would have have to say that I am mightily impressed with carpentry/joinery on this project! Also a HUGE fan of the stunning rooftop deck that provides a connection to nature and allows for spectacular mountain views.


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