GROW – creating living works of art in vertical gardening

1 Jun

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I am a huge fan of renowned vertical garden specialist Patrick Blanc. Hence I could not contain my excitement when I stumbled upon a local supplier who could do the same! It’s actually quite ironic as I had been dealing with the other wing of their company, Lemon Décor who supply unique customised artwork for the interior design and architectural sector on a number of mediums.(But that is another blogpost altogether)

Kevin Frankental explains how the transition to vertical gardens happened: “For us the vertical garden was a natural extension of our business as we view them as living art. It all began 4 years ago when I was in London and saw an amazing vertical garden in Green Park. At this point we decided to attempt to get a local agency of the product but after a few months had no success. Our next move was to work with local landscape architects and horticulturists to develop the technology locally. We spent 2 and a half years perfecting the product and started marketing and selling 8 months ago. Since then we have installed 5 vertical gardens with great success. We now partner with local landscape company Topturf who assist us with the implementation and maintenance of our vertical gardens. This gives us nationwide reach and allows us to create vertical gardens on a very large scale.”

GROW is a specialised vertical garden system designed to create incredible landscaped artworks suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The system can be customised to fit in any environment and can also be used for large scale implementations. The light weight construction allows for retro-fitting to existing buildings as well as inclusion into new build projects.

With space becoming more scarce and expensive, we need to find new ways to effectively bring the outdoors in. Pot plants are no longer a space efficient or cost effective way to bring plants indoors.  Vertical gardens solve this problem by using the underutilized vertical real estate available in every space.

GROW vertical garden systems have a number of ergonomic and environmental benefits:

  • They are amazing works of art designed to inspire
  • They are thermal insulators when used as an external cladding solution
  • They provide acoustic solutions as the uneven plant surfaces are effective for absorbing sound
  • Plants improve the wellbeing and enhance the mood of people through the feeling of being close to nature
  • They photosynthesise and release oxygen to clean air in indoor environments

The design of these living artworks is crucial to the creation of a sustainable and inspirational garden. GROW partners with leading South Africa landscape artists and implementation specialists who work in the vertical plane. GROW is the ideal system for both the aesthetic and technical solution.

A vertical garden system needs maintenance and Top Turf is positioned to provide a full maintenance service to all GROW systems. The specialist skills required to keep these systems running optimally is embedded in the offering.

The company was responsible for the spectacular Nedbank Menlyn vertical garden installation. To complete this stunning work of living art took 10 full time planters, 350 hours of planting, made use of 7500 plants (11 indigenous and 2 exotic species) It was also an indoor/outdoor integration as well as being double sided. Plants were planted with 80% coverage to allow for growth. Truly remarkable!

For more see HERE



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