Small House Movement Part 2 – Twelve3

9 Jul

12 Cubed is a company based on Vancouver Island, British Columbia and the company professes to “do small in a big way”. The company is part of a growing movement challenging the way we live as more emphasis is being placed on green living and the earth’s strapped natural resources. The company concluded that an average Canadian 1 bedroom apartment produces 5 tons of Carbon Dioxide per annum, whilst the average European 1 bedroom apartment produces 2,7 tons of carbon dioxide per year. The company’s cube home produces just 0.8 tons of Carbon Dioxide per annum!

“Cubes” are micro homes that can be set up as primary residences or in conjunction with an existing home where they double as studio’s or guest-houses. The homes are simple yet convenient and above all GREEN. A Cube features a living area, kitchen and bathroom and special care is taken in the design to allow for plenty of light. The company decided on a 12 x 12 foot structure, because most building materials come in either 8 or 12 foot lengths. This factor obviously reduces the amount of building waste to an absolute minimum. The company believes that smaller living yields big advantages in terms offering lots of choices and a simpler lifestyle. It also believes that it can provide hi-tech housing on a small scale, which is sustainable whilst remaining practical and comfortable.


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