Re-educating the City initiative by Mtech (Masters in Architecture) class from University of Johannesburg 2012

17 Jul

I love an invitation that states:

“If you see the balloons then you know you’re close;  follow the signs to the rabbit hole. . . 18JULY@6PM”

It has a very Alice in Wonderland quality about it 🙂 and when I read further I realised that magic will be in the making here!

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The Mtech (Masters in Architecture) class from University of Johannesburg (UJ) have recently completed a project focused on the regeneration and improvement of Inner-City schools; having designed possible new models for the adaptation of existing spaces and buildings, in JHB city, for educational purposes, aiming at a range of crèche to post-matric learning facilities. They are holding an exhibition, with a built intervention, at one of the inner-city schools in Braamfontein (Progressive Primary), with whom they have worked and learnt from during the course of the project. The exhibition forms part of their project brief but also aims to involve the community and challenge ideas on existing pedagogy, schooling systems and learning spaces with innovative proposals for transcending education in our country.

Come join them in the City where they will be exhibiting the designs that they have done, in the form of drawings and imagery. They also wanted to create a lasting impression in the form of an intervention that the school and the school children could benefit from. Their design for this is a swing system to be constructed in an alleyway (which simultaneously forms the entrance path for the exhibition) along the edge of the school. They hope to showcase the potential of residual spaces in the City and what they could mean to its’ community – rethinking space.

This will be inaugurated on July 18, the opening night of our exhibition – Mandela Day. Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory and various education partners have launched the “94 Schools Project” is to celebrate Mr Mandela’s 94th birthday, the primary objective of which is to give hope and dignity to children through improvements in their learning environment. This project is 100% aligned with this!

Safintra loves their marketing campaign build-up, whichs showcases the progress of the project! Big up guys!

For more info contact Francois Mercer on


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